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difference between log furniture and solid wood furniture?
Post time:2023-03-26
Generally speaking, there are three major categories of solid wood furniture on the market, and log furniture, as one of them, is instead the "solid wood furniture" in the simple "intuition" of ordinary consumers.

In national regulations, there is no concept of "log furniture", but there is a relatively clear definition of solid wood furniture. Generally speaking, furniture that uses artificial wooden panels such as plywood, multi-layer solid wood, can be called solid wood furniture to some extent.

According to this definition, the scope of solid wood furniture is quite broad, such as solid wood particle board, combined with log veneer, which can also be referred to as solid wood veneer furniture, and then further referred to as solid wood furniture

In research reports from some institutions, when calculating the market size of solid wood furniture, solid wood particle furniture will be included.

Returning to the three types of solid wood furniture mentioned earlier, they are: frame solid wood furniture, main and auxiliary solid wood furniture, and log furniture.

As the name suggests, only a small portion of furniture that serves as a structural support is solid wood, while other locations are filled with particle boards

The second type is called solid wood with main and auxiliary materials. In the overall structure of furniture, there are main and auxiliary materials.

There is also a very confusing board that looks particularly like a serious log: a sandwich structure with three layers of sandwich wood panels

Simply put, log furniture belongs to solid wood furniture, while solid wood furniture is not necessarily log furniture