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Office furniture enters a new cycle
Post time:2023-03-26
Office furniture enters a new cycle: intelligence, health, overall solution, multi-scenario impact on traditional models
The office furniture industry has entered a new cycle, and office methods have entered a complex and volatile stage. The demand for upgrading from basic office to a healthy, intelligent, and personalized office environment is strong, which has brought variables to the industry and also means that a new window of opportunity opens.
Trends such as intelligence, overall solutions, scenarios, high-value design, and health are changing traditional patterns.
The forms of home office, shared workstations, and health workstations force enterprises to make adjustments in product plans.
The wave of humanization, comfort, and technology has swept through, contributing to the emergence of a new generation of office furniture, opening a breakthrough for the future.
Standing in the first quarter of 2023 and looking forward to the future, it is undoubtedly significant to understand what changes will occur in office furniture and what new achievements the enterprise will have, grasp the market context and focus on the direction.